Saint Malo

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Just 20 minutes from the campsite, you can discover the historic city of Saint Malo intra-muros. A magnificent fortified town surrounded by ramparts, perched on its rocky outcrop, Saint Malo intramuros bears the imprint of the most famous privateers from Saint Malo, such as Duguay Trouin and Surcouf, explorers like Jacques Cartier, the Compagnie des Indes, Chateaubriand and the great cod fishery on the banks of Terre Neuve. Take a look at the town’s adjoining castle, and discover the town’s fascinating history in the museum it houses.

A stroll along the ramparts will take you around the town and give you a magnificent view of the Bay of Saint Malo. Offshore, you can admire the forts that once defended the town (La Conchée, Fort National, Petit Bé), surrounded by the green waters of the emerald coast. Saint Malo offers a unique view of Dinard and the whole coastline. You can stroll along the 2km long sandy beach of Le Sillon, admire kite surfing and sand yachts, and even rent one if you’d like to try your hand.

A little further west, you’ll find the city of Aleth, an ancient Roman city that pre-existed Saint Malo. From the circular walkway around it, you’ll have a magnificent view of Saint Malo Intra-muros. From here, admire the Solidor tower, built by the Romans to guard the entrance to the Rance river leading to Dinan. On the way, admire the Rance dam, one of the world’s only tidal power plants. The little port of Solidor, at the foot of the Solidor tower, magnificent at high tide, is a charming place to stop for a crêpe snack or dinner by the sea.

In the evening, Saint Malo intra-muros will offer you a lively and friendly face. The cafés on Place Chateaubriand fill up with street musicians and artists, much to the delight of visitors.

Discover the Bay of Saint Malo

There’s nothing like taking to the sea to discover the area around the famous corsair town. From Saint Malo, a number of launches offer this service:

A breath of fresh air on the Emerald Coast

Chausey and the Channel Islands

Visible from the campsite, Chausey is an archipelago of islands unique in the world. Between high and low tide, around the main island, you’ll find hundreds of small islands, a paradise for fishermen and yachtsmen alike. The main island is only accessible by boat from Saint Malo or Grandville. Its fine, south-facing sandy beaches will delight beach-goers. A small paradise of unspoilt nature, it’s a delight for young and old alike, who don’t have to worry about cars, which are forbidden on the island. Home to the famous naval painter Marin Marie, Chausey is a haven for coastal sailors. A particularly good time to visit is the first weekend of August, when the famous Chausey regattas are held. This is an ideal day trip.

For the more adventurous, there’s a trip to Jersey. A veritable miniature Great Britain, 65km off the coast of Saint Malo, this island is both picturesque and welcoming. In and around its capital, Saint Helier, you’ll discover sumptuous mansions, cottages and long beaches, all in a truly British atmosphere. You’ll love this getaway.